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Orcalabs Aquacultural Laboratories  is specialized to manufacture products for AquacultureReef, Pond, Tropical and water purification use.

Aquacultural Products, Phosphate Remover Absorber, Nitrate Remover, Test Kits,Heavy Metal Remover Absorber, Diamond-Carbon, MagnesiumPLUS, KalkPLUS, AlkalinityPLUS, MICRON ION-X Filter Media Bag, Nitra-Guard RE-CYCLE, Nitra-Guard ION-X, Phospha-Guard RE-CYCLE, Phospha-Guard ION-X, Phospha-Guard Phosphate, Silicate & Heavy Metal Removal, Phospha-Guard Phosphate Absorber, Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes, CalciumPLUS Granulated, Iron Powder


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